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Help GRIT Keep Jersey City Clean!

Hey DownTown JC!

Did you know that GRIT is an active part of your community?

We love Jersey City and have planted deep roots here raising our boys and relishing all that our community has to offer! But we need need more open space and fields for kids to be active! And we need the places that are clean, fun and also safe.

Morris Square Park and Morris Canal Parks are key to providing an outlet for kids. These parks need a voice. One that advocates for the parks and also sees a vision for them beyond what they are today.

Thats why we founded FRIENDS OF MORRIS PARKS JC, a non-profit focused on maintaining and beautifying the parks for everyone! Our all-volunteer board has worked tirelessly to help keep our parks in good shape.

We hope you will join us! If you use these parks you know they can be better!

Come join us for our Annual Spring Clean Up Party May 18th from 10:00- 1:00pm!

Hope to see you there!

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