Flip Swing Climb...

GRIT will teach you how to twist, turn, flip, swing, climb, spin and... stick the landing. 

Our program starts teaching basic gymnastics and branches out into Tumbling where students learn rolls, cartwheels, hand springs and more difficult moves as they improve. 

Taught in a safe environment,  your child will develop the strength, coordination, flexibility, momentum and stability - core to any sport- all while having fun!


GRIT runs Coed Classes! 


A great way to build all around strength and agility and learn the basic movements that can also be applied to Parkour and Freerunning.

Tumbling & Gymnastics Program Options

Mommy & Me

Exploring the gym while taking their gross motor skills to the next level.  Adult participation is required in this structured class which works to strengthen gross motor skills, coordination and awareness using games to learn skills including jumping, climbing, balancing, swinging and tumbling.

GRIT Tumblers

GRIT Tumblers: learn the key fundamentals of gymnastics - skills that can be applied to parkour, Freerunning or any sport.  Tumblers will learn forward rolls, backward rolls, cartwheels, hand stand, beam walking, kip bar and jumps on air trampoline.

GRIT Tumbling & Gymnastics

Builds upon Tumblers training introducing more complex skills.   Strength and flexibility become more important and skill levels advance.  Athletes will focus on learning Handstand Bridge, Backbend Bridge Kick-Off, Round off, Walking,  Kicking and Jumping on a beam, Forward roll, Vault and more.

Tumbling & Gymnastics Fall Schedule & Registration 


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