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Where is the best place to order pizza from?

Krispy's Pizza is the best pizza and delivery service in Jersey City. On their website you can schedule a delivery and be sure it will arrive when you requested. They have great pizza, pasta and salads! Highly recommended!

We want the party catered? Any recommendations?

Tere Fox and Team @ Jam Cakery are the best in JC. We love the food options, service and presentation. Check her out! We can assist or you can reach out on your own!

Where should I get my cake from?

The best place for cakes is Jam Cakery. The have a wide range of Birthday Cakes and Cupcakes that are simply yummy! And they cater too! We love Tere and her team! And you will too! Make your party special with JAM!

Do you provide Helium Balloons and Themed Decorations?

We have lots of parties at GRIT and everyone wants to do something different. Think of the GRIT Gym as a fresh pallet to decorate as you wish! Our Party Manager will be happy to help make this the best party ever or, for you DYI party planners... check out Amazon/Party City/ Target or Walmart for great themed decorations! GRIT provides Red Balloons for your party. They are not Helium Balloons however as we are not in the balloon business. Feel free to call Party City! They deliver and have a wide assortment of colors and styles to choose from!

Do you have.....

Do you have....? Here is a list of many of the items our customers ask most often. We do a lot of birthdays, so we do have many of the things that you need to make your party a success. Here is a short list... ✔️Matches ✔️Cake Cutter ✔️Bottle Opener/ Wine Opener ✔️Refrigerator/Freezer ✔️Buckets for Wine/Beer ✔️ Water Fountain ✔️ Extra Tables & Chairs Your party comes with: ✔️Red tablecloths ✔️ White Paper Plates, Cups and Plastic Silverware ✔️ Red Balloons ( non -helium) ✔️ Water or Juice for the kids GRIT is BYOB. Feel free to bring adult cocktails/wine/beer as well as food the the adults!

Can we have a Pinata?

We love the idea of pinatas! They can be so much fun! But they can also be dangerous, very messy, and typically result in someone crying because they did not get the same or more candy or prizes as someone else! If you want to have a pinata, we do have a perfect spot for it, but we ask that it has a string to pull, is only filled with candy, and does not need to be batted open. The bat while fun, is also a bit dangerous. We have had some close calls and would rather avoid someone getting hit. So please, no pinatas that need to be hit to break open. We also love the idea of confetti! But please, not at GRIT. A pinata or special birthday popper with confetti is certainly thrilling, but it also creates quite a mess that needs to be cleaned up when your party is over. A confetti pinata gets everywhere and, as such, is subject to a special $150 cleaning charge. Why so much? Because we would rather you didn't:)

It says that you provide paper goods. Does GRIT provide cups, plates, etc.?

GRIT provides all the basics for your party. All party packages come with the following: White Paper Plates and Plastic Cups Red Table Cloths Plastic Spoons, Forks and Knives Juice boxes or Water Bottles for kids We also have on hand: 2 Refrigerators to keep things cold and a freezer if you bring an ice cream cake Cake Knife Bottle Opener Matches Bowls for food and a Drink Tub for wine/beer Please note- Bring your own ice as we don't own an ice machine.

Do you do Private Parties on weekdays?

Private parties are typically reserved for Friday nights, Saturday afternoons, and Sundays. Saturday evenings can be booked when there is no special event. You can book a party any time online by clicking on the BOOK A PARTY link or by calling/texting the Birthday Hotline @ 201.596.6626 or writing to

Are there specific places for younger children to play?

GRIT is filled with both foam and wooden obstacles. It is not designed for children under 3. Although we permit younger children in the gym area, parents must watch over them because our coaches must concentrate on providing a fantastic birthday experience and are unable to guarantee the safety of non-participants in the gym area. Note- all people who enter our gym must sign the GRIT Safety Waiver and abide by our Safety Rules

I have some kids that are coming that are very young, ages 4 & we have to pay for them?

Any child who participates in the private party activities in the gym will be counted as a "participant.” We understand that siblings may attend a party. If they participate in gym/ party activities, we will consider them part of the party and count them as such.

What is the deposit amount?

A $250.00* non-refundable and non-transferable deposit is required to reserve a private party. Deposits are applied to the remaining balance at the end of the event. You can book a party any time online by clicking the BOOK A PARTY link at the bottom of the Birthday Party page or by contacting the GRIT Birthday Hotline at 201.596.6626 (text or call) or by emailing BIRTHDAYS@GRITSPORTSTRAINING.COM

What is the maximum number of guests I can have at our party?

This is your private party. We do not have a maximum, but we recommend at most ~ 50 people to keep the party comfortable. For parties with 30+ kids, an Ultimate Party Package is required, as is the hiring of an additional third coach for safety.

How many tables do you provide and what are their sizes.

GRITs provides up to three tables for your guests to eat at plus a serving table, cake table, and a gift table. The three eating tables for the kids are standard rectangular folding 30" by 80" tables.

What is a good time to call in advance for a party?

To ensure you get the time and date you prefer, we would recommend booking your party at least two months in advance. GRIT is typically booked out a month or two.

Do the coaches guide the kids through the party?

From check-in to clean-up, our coaches know how to throw a party that kids love! They will run the activities that make everyone, parents included, have a fantastic time!

What does a typical Private Birthday Party @ GRIT look like?

After your guests have checked in, the party participants will be taken into the gym by our fantastic coaches, who will run the party games of your choosing! Make sure your cameras are ready as your birthday child and their friends have the time of their lives as parents cheer on the fun! With the games complete, its time for a group picture before food and the birthday celebration! You will have your GRIT to yourself during this entire time for your own PRIVATE birthday FUN!

Can you pencil us in for a potential party date?

Unfortunately, we cannot pencil in a date without a deposit of $250 to hold the spot. However, as soon as you are ready to book, you can reach out on the GRIT Party Hotline at 201.596.6626 (text/call) or email us at BIRTHDAYS@GRITSPORTSTRAINING.COM and we will help you secure your preferred date.

Where can I get waivers?

All participants in activities at GRIT must have a safety waiver signed by their parents. For birthday parties, we recommend that parents sign the waivers for their children on our website in advance so that they will automatically be in our system when they arrive. A signed waiver is required to participate in or enter GRIT. Waivers only need to be signed once. You can find "WAIVER" at the bottom of the GRIT website. Please note that waivers filled out incompletely will delay your child's time at the party, as each waiver will be checked prior to your child and their friends being allowed into the GRIT GYM.

Do you have Digital invitations?

We have a set of standard invitations for your party. They are available for $25 for BASH parties and are available for free with ULTIMATE and UNLIMITED Parties. GRIT will add your child's name, date, and details. All design changes require an extra fee of $25 per change request.

Who qualifies as an extra participant in the birthday package?

Extra Participant refers to any child who attends the party and participates in activities run by the coaches. Extra participants will be added to your final bill which we will send you once the party is over. The price is $30 per extra participant.

Does "Up to 15 Participants" include the birthday child?

Nope! Why would we count the birthday child? You are here to have fun. Our base package is for "up to 15 participants" PLUS the birthday child and their siblings! A participant is any child on the course who is actively involved in the games and activities run by the coaches. We DO NOT charge parents, grandparents, or friends to stay and watch, nor do we charge babies and toddlers (under 3) who attend but do not participate. Want to add more participants? No sweat! We are happy to accommodate you (additional fees apply). Additional participants can be added for $30 per participant and will be added to your final invoice.

What activities do you do in the gym?

GRIT is known for its gym and our incredible coaches. For your party, you can pick up to two activities such as: - Parkour/ Obstacle Course Racing - Dodgeball - Chase Tag - Among Us! - Nerf Gun Battles* (Ultimate Party only!) - Tug of War ( a crowd favorite) Check out our Birthday page for an expanded list and details on each!

Is there a place to put presents?

Yes, as your guests enter GRIT there will be a special table for your guests to put your child's birthday gifts on.

Can I bring my own decorations / plates / napkins?

Yes, GRIT provides white paper plates, plastic cups, and utensils. If you would like to bring your own decorations or themed decorations, plates, and napkins, you are more than welcome to do so! We will start setting up your Private Party 15 minutes before the scheduled start time, so feel free to arrive around that time. If you arrive any earlier GRIT not be ready due to another party occurring before yours. But don't worry! We are pros at setting up parties. We have a staging room next to the main gym where you can put your decorations, food etc. on the day of the party.

If my child doesn't like cake, can I bring cookies/brownies, cookie cake or cupcakes?

Yes, of course, this is your party! We recommend Jam Cakery! They make yummy cupcakes!

Is Ice Cream Cake ok?

GRIT has a fridge or freezer to keep your ice cream or regular cake ready until your ready to blow out the candles. Need a cake recommendation? The best place by far in Jersey City is JAM Cakery! They have a wide range of specialized cakes and cupcakes, crazy decorations and more!

Can we bring our own pizza or outside food and drinks?

This is your private party! Bring your own pizza, food, and drinks, or hire GRIT’s Party Planning team to do it for you! We know that Jersey City has a range of great food options We are not in the food business and don't want to be:)

What am I allowed to bring to the party? What do I need to bring?

This is your private party @ GRIT. You can bring your own food, drinks, cake, and decorations, or you can hire GRIT to do everything for you, including white paper plates, white plastic cups, white utensils, and red tablecloths. If you are interested in having a theme party, you can hire GRIT to procure special items or buy them yourself. Amazon has a great selection of affordable items. Or swing by Party City on 440. They have a wide selection of items, as well as helium balloons. And they deliver! We want you to have a great time! And remember to ask about our "Out of Order" Fridge!

How much should I tip the coaches running my party?

Gratuity is not included for your private party. Our coaches know how to party and will be there to help you set up, clean up afterwards and most importantly... have FUN! Blow out the candles and clean up so you can focus on your child having the best party ever! We encourage providing a tip to the coaches directly at the end of the party or we can add it to your bill if you wish. A minimum tip of $25 for each coach for a Birthday BASH and $35 for a ULTIMATE Birthday party is required ( less than 10% of the cost of your party rental) . Your coaches will be working hard to make sure your party is a success. Please tip them accordingly!

Where can my guests park?

GRIT is located just a few blocks from City Hall but in a residential neighborhood. There is typically street parking available in the area ( no parking meters, no crazy permits). For those that want to park in a lot, Edison Park, located behind City Hall is the closest pay parking lot being only 2.5 blocks away.

How early can I arrive for my party?

Our coaches will start setting up your Private Party about 10 to 15 minutes before the scheduled start time, so feel free to arrive around that time. If you arrive any earlier, GRIT may not be ready due to another party occurring before yours.

Whats the GRIT BIRTHDAY BASH package include?

GRIT is dedicated to offering a fantastic private party created just for you. We want the party to be a stress-free experience that creates lasting memories for you and your family. Check out our website or brochure for a full listing of what each party package includes! PS - The best option is the ULTIMATE party!


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