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Epic GRIT Parties for ALL ages

GRIT is the ideal private birthday party venue for any age!

7 & Under

Forget about having tons of kids racing through your home after eating tons of sugar. Let ‘em unleash that energy @ GRIT!   Kids love to run, climb, jump and swing as they race through the course/ Parents can relax or join the fun! 


Nothing is cooler than a party that is all about them! For Tween parties, we recommend including Nerf or other  challenges and thrills!  The space is yours to do what you want.  Anything goes @ GRIT. Our goal is to make sure your tween has the best birthday ever! 


No kid is too old, or too cool for GRIT. Let them show off their Ninja Warrior skills as they climb the WARP Wall and race across the obstacle course.  Or try the GRIT version of WORLD CHASE TAG!   A party to remember! 


Ninja Obstacle Course

Test your skills on an age-appropriate Ninja Obstacle course that will challenge you to run faster, jump higher, and climb your way to the top!

Parkour Chase Tag

Race against the clock while you dodge roadblocks and use obstacles to evade being tagged by your friends in this twist on the classic game of tag!

Floor is Lava

Best suited for younger athletes, Floor is Lava is a thrilling game that will test your speed and quick thinking while you race to change your position to avoid being rushed away by the Lava Monster!


Put your athleticism to the test as you work to eliminate the other team while dodging incoming projectiles! Use your creativity to build a fortress to stop the invading team!

Tug of War

Put your strength to the test with this classic game of Tug of War! Challenge your friends (or your parents) to take on you and your friends to see who's got the most muscle!


Is your kid a baller? Have them play classic basketball games such as Knockout, Lay-up Races, and Team Scrimmages against their friends!


Does your kid want to be the next Messi or Ronaldo? Have them play fun soccer games such as Penalty Kick Shootout, World Cup and Team Scrimmages against their friends!


Is your kid a football fanatic? Test their athleticism in an NFL Combine-style training party that focuses on speed training, pass-catching and making big plays!

NURF Battle

A GRIT Favorite: Split into teams, build your fortress, and battle your friends to see who's got the best shot!


Our space is super versatile! Let us know if you have another idea for a birthday activity that would best suit your child!

Pick a Party Theme

We offer a number of themed party activities to choose from


Pick the PERFECT Package

Customize your birthday party package to create an epic birthday bash!




  • Up to 15+ participants (more if you want*)

  • 90-minute event (more if you want*)

  • 1 hour on a course followed by 30 minutes to celebrate the birthday guest of honor

  • GRIT provides drinks, paper-goods,

  • tables and chairs &

  • 2 of our incredible coaches to lead the Fun!

  • BYOB Food/Drink or hire GRIT to cater for you

Starting at




  • Up to 20+ participants (more if you want*)

  • 2 hour event (more if you want*)

  • 1.5 hours on a course followed by 30 minutes to celebrate the birthday guest of honor

  • Kids drinks, paper-goods,

  • tables and chairs &

  • 2 of our incredible coaches to lead the Fun!

  • BYOB Food/Drink or hire GRIT to cater for you

Starting at




  • Unlimited number of participants & guests

  • 3 hour event (more if you want*)

  • 1.5 hours on the course, followed by 1 hour to celebrate the guest of honor, followed by another 30 minutes of free play or a planned activity.

  • Themed package - Choose from a range of themes for your party with matching tablecloths

  • 2 of our incredible coaches

  • Drinks (juice and water for participants)

  • Bouncy House

Starting at


NOTE: Birthday Parties subject to availability. Additional kids can be added for $30 per person for both the BASH & ULTIMATE Party.   Additional time can be added for $175 per 30 minutes. Our Coaches do a FANTASTIC job.  Mimimum Tips for Coaches are required.  See the Birthday Party FAQ for more details.

Grit sports Training - Jersey City, NJ


Best. Birthday.


Don’t wait to start planning an EPIC PRIVATE party for your kid. Call our Birthday Party Hotline!

GRIT throws EPIC private parties at our GRIT GYM in downtown Jersey City, but we can also bring the party to you! Have GRIT throw a party in your backyard, in a local park, at your house, anywhere you want to party. 

Simple and Stress Free

We do all the planning and heavy lifting. You get all the credit.

Cool Factor x 1000

Your kid will be the talk of the school with the coolest party around.

Parents Party Too

We do all the planning and heavy lifting. You get all the credit.

Before the big party day, take a test run and get to know the playing field. We'll call it party prep. Stop by for a FREE Trial Class or drop in for a Holiday Camp or Kids Night.  Your kid will get to know GRIT and get ready for the big day!

Take a Test Run

Announce your party with a GRIT invite! Ask your party consultant!  We are here o help!

Digital Invites

GRIT isnt just a Birthday Event Hub.  Choose GRIT for your next Corporate Event or Club outing!  Or host your team's next celebration here.  The Obstacle Course and Warped wall are not just for kids!

Other Events

We're not JUST one of the best birthday party place...

GRIT has so much more to offer. Take a test run at one of our facility and try out our attractions for yourself. You can plan other events too! From field trips to team events, GRIT has you covered.


Let's get the party started!

Give your athlete a party to remember! GRIT makes it easy to plan an epic party that your child will love. Check out our party options below or get started booking now.




Have more questions?

We are the party planning experts. If you've got questions, chances are, we've already answered them in our FAQs, but you can always contact us too!

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