JUNE 13 - SEPTEMBER 9, 2022


What to Expect?

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand your concerns. We are parents too and want to keep our kids safe and healthy while giving them a great outdoor but local summer camp experience!   

That's why we are offering an ACTIVE, OUTDOOR, FUN, and LOCAL Day Camp, all designed to fit your level of comfort. 


We appreciate your trust and pledge that we will do everything we can to provide a safe and fun summer camp experience for your children. 

Below is a list of frequently asked questions.  Did we miss encourage you to email, text or call us if you wish to speak in person?  We are all in this together!  


Where is GRIT?  

GRIT Adventure Summer Camp is a local Day Camp serving Downtown Jersey City.   Located at 201 Marin Blvd across from Morris Square Park, the camp runs from June 13th  to September 9th.    Choose by the day or week or stay for the whole summer!  No minimum weeks are required.


We offer the flexibility of Full- Day Camp or Half-Day Camp.  Full-Day Camp is from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.  

Please note-  No parents or guardians are allowed into the facilities during camp hours.    

If needed, we offer early drop-off (8:00 am) and/ or After-Camp programs until 6 pm.

Will my child be with others their age?  

GRIT Adventure Camp focuses on providing kids with an awesome, safe summer day camp experience where they can make lifelong friends ships. 


At GRIT we group our campers by age into "Teams" of the same age and ability. If your child is coming with a friend, please let us know so we can make sure they are in the same team.  

How much time will my child spend outdoors?

Summer camp is really meant to be outdoors.  While we have a large and well-ventilated facility, GRIT is used as a "base camp" for daily adventures to local parks and sports fields weather permitting.  

Each trip will be a walking trip following our strict safety protocols.  

At each outdoor park location, our pop-up gymnastics, parkour and obstacles, games and activities, first aid kit, etc.  – just in case.

On the first day of camp, all campers will receive a GRIT Summer Camp T-Shirt  (you can buy extras if you wish).  All campers are asked to wear their GRIT Summer Camp t-shirts each day as well as appropriate attire based on the weather. 

What happens if it rains?

Rain or shine we are here to stay!  Light rain and drizzle will not stop us from having fun!   For those occasional heavy downpours or heavy rain, we have a series of fun, indoor activities – grouped by age- planned in our large multi-room space gym.  

We request that a rain poncho is added to your child’s backpack/ cubby in case of rain.

What types of snacks and lunch do you provide?

At GRIT we are all about healthy living.  We encourage parents to pack healthy snacks and lunch for their campers.  

We are a nut-free environment with some campers allergic, so please do not pack peanut butter or other nut-based snacks.  We have plenty of  water on site and ask that parents send their children with a refillable water container labeled with their names for them to use.

​What type of educational programs are you offering?

We believe in a strong mind and a strong body.  Our educational partner, JEI Learning of Jersey City, is a well-respected academic enrichment program with over 1000 locations globally.   We love their personalized approach to learning focused on mastering concepts vs. rote learning.  Campers will take a JEI diagnostic test to determine their English and Math strengths and weaknesses and a copy of the report will be sent home to parents.

Each week campers will spend time as part of their organized activities working on their academics focusing on a rotating selection including English, math, reading & writing, and critical thinking.  Weekly programs at GRIT include writing a story, competing in a mini Math Olympiad, practicing how to speak in public, or competing in a chess tournament.

Does my child need to wear a mask?

While the guidelines from the NJ Dept of Health and CDC are changing, we still suggest that a  mask is worn for all indoor activities.  For GRIT, we are encouraging all campers to wear a mask whenever possible.  All of our staff will be wearing masks indoors to keep kids safe and remember all GRIT Staff are also fully vaccinated and boosted. 




GRIT COVID- 19 Health Safety Policy: 

(We will update/amend these as the CDC and State of New Jersey  Health Department provide further guidance)



  • Campers will be asked to bring their own mask (optional)  and to wear the mask during all indoor activities.

  • Snack, lunch and water is to be provided by the parent.

  • All parents will be asked to drop off campers at the front door. 

  • All campers will be taught and reminded of safe hygiene including safe distancing, hand washing each morning and frequent breaks throughout the day will be taken for hand washing and/or sanitizer application.


  • Staff will certify each morning that they and their extended family (that they live with are healthy and have no fever or COVID symptoms present at home.

  • Each staff member will be asked to wear their own mask indoors and is fully vaccinated and boosted

  • Staffers, in addition to background checks and CPR certification, will be trained on COVID health safety and symptoms.

Facility/ Program: 

  • GRIT will be deep cleaned each evening and common surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected regularly during the day. 

  • Hand washing/ Sanitizer stations will be set up around the facility with regularly programmed times throughout the day to remind staffers and campers to wash before the next activity. 

  • GRIT is a large, well ventilated facility with 5 double doors and brand new air systems to bring fresh air rapidly into the space.   For Summer Camp we are adding large fans to further improve air circulation. 

  • Activities on common surfaces ( e.g. tables etc) will be disinfected between use. 

  • All programs will be done outside whenever possible using local parks and fields for both sports and enrichment activities. 

COVID- 19 Guarantee

We will provide a FULL CREDIT for any canceled camp days due to federal, state or local restrictions.


Terms & Conditions

Please note that all sales are final, and there are no refunds, full or partial, or holds, both consumer or business-related. We cannot transfer credits between seasonal programs or between clients that are not direct family members.  

A waiver must be on file for any adult or minor participating in our programs.


GRIT reserves the right to refuse participation in activities without a signed waiver.