Private Lessons  

We offer private lessons for individuals and/ or small groups ( up to 5 people).  Private lessons are available for kids, teens, and adults in parkour/ freerunning/ gymnastics, performance sports training and more.    Private lessons provide accelerated learning with an instructor of your choice. 

Private lessons are hands down the best way to maximise your experience and speed your development.  Many people choose to take private lessons, in addition to classes, with our certified coaches in order to:


Fine tune techniques through video analysis and personalized coaching drills

Nail milestone movements like back flips, kong vaults, climb ups and more

Become faster, stronger, and a more adaptable athlete for any sport

Perfect techniques and speed advancement through our belt system

Package Deals are available: 

Save 10% when you buy 5 hours of Private Lessons

Save 20% when you buy 10 hours of Private lessons

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