Updated: May 9, 2021

A parent recently shared the below-writing assignment with us. Her son attended GRIT last summer. We haven't seen him since as he has been busy with school.....

Eight-Year-Old - School Writing Assignment:

"What is your favorite talent?"

" One of my favorite talents is the ability to do parkour. Parkour is the sport of running, jumping, and climbing--basically an outdoor, modern, gymnastics. I favor it over other skills because although I do not use it often, I enjoy it the most because I feel free. I feel unstoppable and unvanquishable! I ignore the negative thoughts in my brain, that question, Are you sure you can do it?

Once I’ve accomplished the parkour task of jumping over challenging obstacles, my positive thoughts exclaim: I just did it!

I practice many times by doing cartwheels, which makes me think: I’ve succeeded again, Mr. Negative Cerebellum!

Every time I climb hurdles, I feel invincible once again. The euphoric feeling of successfully engaging in parkour is incredible. My wondrous talent for parkour gives me great joy, which is why I most enjoy it, being seemingly indomitable!

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