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“Never give up. Failure and rejection are just the first steps to succeeding”

– Jim Valvano


GRIT requires everyone to pre-register for the class or classes of their desired day and time.  Registration should be done directly through the GRIT Sports Training Website located at

This allows GRIT to maintain a ratio of athletes to coaches that allows the athletes to get the most out of their class and eliminates the necessity for us to turn away athletes when class is full. 

If you have questions you can text/ call 201-596-6626  or email to request help with your account.


Never been to GRIT?  Sign up for a FREE TRIAL class!   


We know your athlete will love our classes and coaches which is why we offer FREE TRIAL classes to all new families, specifically one (1) free trial per athlete.    


To register for a FREE TRIAL Class simply go to our program schedule and click on the Register Now button for the class you would like your athlete to attend.  The registration page will provide an option to sign up for a FREE TRIAL.   

FREE TRIAL classes are offered for Youth Sports Training, Gymnastics, Parkour +Ninja, and Basketball only. Skateboarding, because of the small class size does not have a FREE Trial option nor does any camp, open gym, or other activities.  We offer one  (1) FREE Trial per athlete ( a $39 value).    


Please respect this and do not be that parent who keeps using a different email or different name to sign up their kids for a free trial as you will be asked to pay once you arrive.  

New Semester Registrations

Registering for a new semester at GRIT?  Registering for a new semester can be done via the GRIT website.   This is the best way as you create a profile in our system and sign all of the necessary waivers.    It also allows you to see how many classes you have attended and when the semester ends. Registration for the semester also provides the best price.  

Late Semester Registration

Missed the first couple of classes in a semester?   Don't worry.  New students can join the program at any time during the semester as long as there is room.  The registration system prorates the classes allowing you to get the best price vs. buying a single class or class pass.  

What registration options do you provide?

Athletes can join GRIT programs & classes by either registering for a semester (best price) or by purchasing a class pack (5, 10, or 25 classes) or a single class ( most expensive).    Semester pricing is prorated meaning that if you buy 3 weeks into the semester, the price reflected when you register deducts the cost of the classes that you missed prior to registering.  Class passes can be purchased once you have an account with GRIT.  Each class is recorded in our system.  If you have questions please call or text 201-596-6626. 


Rescheduling Class

Athletes may need to reschedule - because we all know the occasional issue arises where we can't make a class.  We request that you let us know via text or via email prior to the class starting on the class you are going to miss and what date/class you would like to be rescheduled for during the semester.    You can always request to come to a different class at a different time if needed.  We want you to get your money's worth and most importantly to get your athlete moving!  That said we do not allow clients to roll over missed classes from one semester to the next.  

Late Cancelations and Make-Up Classes

A late cancel is when someone either does not show up to a class or does not notify us before the start of class.  Because we know things happen, GRIT allows for 2 make-up sessions per semester that are good for any GRIT class during the semester.   Miss a Monday class and take a make-up class on Wednesday or whatever works best for you - within reason.  Sadly, missed classes do not roll over to the next semester!  If you miss a class, please make sure to make it up before the semester ends!   If you sign up for the next semester we will allow 2 make up classes from the previous semester to be made up but not as a replacement for classes in the new semester. 

Permanent Schedule Changes for an Athlete

Did your schedule change?  Just ask the front desk to schedule your athlete for a class on a different day or time.  We will schedule you for any open class available. IF the class you requested is full, we can put you on the waitlist for that class and will work to get you into that class as soon as possible. 


GRIT has a no refund policy and provides credit towards any future program, class, or event that we offer.   All credits must be used within the year they are granted. 


Our goal is to make it easy.   We want young athletes to train at GRIT.  

Please make our lives easy by being respectful of our policies.