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Students who learn to master public speaking and pick up debate early in their academic careers learn much more than how to argue: public speaking and debate provide life-long benefits to students in a variety of ways including building GRIT. 


Public Speaking and debate improve critical thinking skills helping students on tests, essay-writing, and problem-solving. It also helps improve communication skills helping students articulate their ideas to others. But aside from the obvious improvements in public speaking skills, studies about debate indicate that the benefits are indeed both life-long and immense. Statistically, debaters outperform other students in many ways.


The benefits of debate extend far past the classroom. With an emphasis on research, argumentation, and communication, debate shapes young minds into the leaders of tomorrow. The ability to persuade, present, and connect is exactly what businesses are looking for when they hire. Many top-ranked corporate executive and government officials did debate in high school, and incredibly, over 60% of Congressional representatives and one-third of the Supreme Court participated in debate.



A fundamental grasp of these skills is what separates debaters from their peers in the classroom, on standardized tests, and in college admissions. As students train their minds to analyze information faster and more comprehensively, they experience vast academic benefits.

According to a study by the University of Washington, overall, participants in high school debate saw…

  • 44% increase in critical thinking skills

  • 25% increase in reading comprehension ability

  • A 120 point increase in SAT score


It’s clear that debate improves grades and test scores for students, which can give them a competitive edge in college admissions. In addition, colleges look for students with competitive success and experience in debate, because they care deeply about bringing future leaders to their campuses. A study by professor Minh A. Luong confirms these benefits quite clearly. It concludes:

  • Students who did debate had a 30% higher chance of being admitted to a “top tier college”

  • For debate captains, this increased to more than 60%

  • This is higher than being class president (+5%), sports team captain (+5%), or band (+3%)


Learn to Debate! 

JEI Learning Center has partnered with Atlas Debate to bring Public Speaking 101, Learn to Debate! to students of Jersey City. 

Public Speaking 101, Learn to Debate! is a unique program designed to bring public speaking and the world of debate to life with a compelling in-person or online offering.  The program is designed to build confidence and public speaking skills, before learning argumentation and debate. 


During this ten-week program, students will learn how to speak in public practicing creating arguments through research and logic, refuting them, and then cross-examining their opponents.   For each class, students learn to analyze news and reports on a unique policy topic and each class concludes with a mock tournament with 3 rounds where students practice the skills they have learned.  Taught by well-qualified public speaking and debate teachers,  class sizes are capped at 8 students- ensuring individual attention for all students.


Dates & Information 

Public Speaking 101

Learn to Debate! 

In-Person Workshop & Information Session

Dates: TBD ( on hold until after schools resume in person) 

Location:   JEI Learning Center 

                    201 Marin Blvd, Jersey City

Join us for an In-Person Workshop on December 15th at the JEI Learning Center for a FREE Public Speaking and Debate lesson.

Hosted by James Chen, co-founder of Atlas Debate,  this FREE debate lesson will provide a real class for students to experience. 

James is currently a senior at the University of Chicago and is joining a top 2 consultancy when he graduates.   James debated for five years and was the #1 Ranked Debater in the US,  winning the  Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Berkeley, and UPenn debate tournaments.  James has taught debate for seven years. 

While students learn during this free workshop,  parents will get an in-depth information session covering the program and ask any questions about debate and how it can help you child advance in school and in life. 

If you can't make it but want information, please click here if you wish to be contacted for more information.   

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James Chen,
Co-Founder, Atlas Debate

Public Speaking 101

Learn to Debate! 

Every Wed for 10wks/ 1.5 hrs per class

Session Dates:  TBD

Location:   In-Person: JEI Jersey City 

                    On-Line:    Zoom Classroom

Age Range:  Grades 2nd -4th  & 4th- 8th 

(grouped  into classes of 6-8 students based upon age/experience)

Instructors:  Meet our world-class public speaking and debate instructors at our upcoming FREE workshop to be announced shortly.

Tuition:    $600 

NOTE: Registration is now open.  Sign up now to reserve your spot. Space is limited and interest is high. 

Grades 2nd -4th  6:00pm- 7:30pm


Program Registration 

In-Person- JEI Learning Center 

Grades 4th-8th  7:30pm- 9:00pm

Online- Zoom Class  

Grades 4th-8th  7:30pm- 9:00pm - Online 

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