GRIT programs, camps and events  are designed to follow/ exceed the CDC Guidelines. NJ Dept of Health and the proposed reopening plan set forth by the State of New Jersey. We continue to update/amend these as the CDC and State of New Jersey  Health Department provide further guidance. 

As parents of five boys, we pledge to make COVID-19 safety our top priority. We recognize that we are all in this together fighting this pandemic and will do our part as part of the community.  We take this very seriously and will communicate, educate, implement and enforce safety standards that meet and exceed what is recommended to ensure our students, athletes staff and the community are safe and healthy. 

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  • Parents will be asked to certify upon arrival that their athlete/camper and extended family who live with the child are healthy and no fever or COVID symptoms are present at home.  

  • Each athlete/camper entering GRIT  will be temp checked.

  • Athletes/ Campers will be asked to bring their own mask and to wear the mask during all indoor and outdoor activities. 

  • Snack, lunch and water is to be provided by the parent with no sharing of food or utensils permitted.

  • Arrival and departure times are staggered to reduce traffic flow in the lobby. 

  • All parents will be asked to drop off athletes/ campers at the front door. 

  • All athletes/ campers will be taught and reminded of safe hygiene including mask wearing, safe distancing, hand washing and not touching their faces.


  • Staff will certify each day that they and their extended family (that they live with are healthy and have no fever or COVID symptoms present at home.  

  • Each staffer will be temp checked each day and randomly during the day. 

  • Each staff member will be asked to wear their own mask during all activities. 

  • Staffers, in addition to background checks and CPR certification, will be trained on COVID health safety and symptoms.

  • Extra staff have been hired specifically to clean and disinfect surfaces during camp. 


  • GRIT will be deep cleaned each evening and common surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected regularly during the day. 

  • Hand washing/ Sanitizer stations are set up around the facility with regularly programmed times throughout the day to remind athletes/campers and staffers to wash before the next activity. 

  • GRIT is a large, well ventilated facility with 5 double doors and brand new air systems to bring fresh air rapidly into the space as well as   large fans to further improve air circulation.

  • Activities on common surfaces ( e.g. tables etc) will be disinfected between use.

  • All programs will be done outside whenever possible using local parks and fields for both sports and enrichment activities. 

COVID- 19 Guarantee

We will provide a FULL REFUND for any canceled  activities, programs or camp days due to federal, state or local restrictions.