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GRIT Youth Sports Training is a proven method to teaching future athletes.

Run faster,

Turn more quickly laterally, 

Throw a ball more accurately,

Defend better and react faster with GRIT! 

Become a better athlete...... 

Building core foundations for a well rounded athlete, our signature Youth Sports Training Programs builds gross motor skills, balance, speed, and hand-eye coordination through fun and engaging games.

Learn how to warm up, train and cool down to prevent injuries in a fun and safe environment led by our NASM Certified Youth Training Coaches. 

Good for all future athletes- including soccer, baseball, basketball and tennis.

Got a young budding athlete?  Start with our GRIT Kick Starters Program 

Ready for the next level? 

The GRIT Jump Start Total Performance Program is perfect for that extra edge on the field. 

Have Questions? 

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AGES 3-6

GRIT Kickstarters

Build core foundations for a well-rounded athlete.  Focus on gross motor skills, balance, coordination. Run faster, turn quicker, throw better and more! Led by NASM Certified Youth Training Coaches.

Ages 5-9+

GRIT Jump Start

Build on the Kickstarters. Develop  and refine agility, speed and strength. Improve performance in any sport or activity.  

ages 5-15

Performance Evaluation

Assess current level of athletic ability. Evaluate, speed, strength & coordination. Contact us to schedule.

Youth Sports Training Programs Schedule & Registration

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