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Spring Calendar  

Get moving with GRIT  

GRIT has expanded its sports training offerings with a wider array of programs with more age-specific classes and times. 


Choose from Parkour+ Ninja,  Gymnastics, Skateboarding, Basketball,  Youth Sports Training and more.   All are designed to help build balance, speed, strength, and coordination.  Learn how to warm up, train, and cool down to prevent injuries in a fun and safe environment led by our NASM Certified Youth Training Coaches.  

Got a young budding athlete?  Start with our GRIT Kick Starters Program. Ready for the next level? The GRIT Jump Start Total Performance Program is perfect for that extra edge on the field 

Sign up for a FREE Trial by clicking on the "Register Now"  button of the class of your choice.   

Youth Sports 3-5
Punch Start 3-4
Kick Start 5-6
Jump Start 8-12

Questions about classes?

Visit our FAQ page on Class Registration, Make-up Classes, and Class Cancelations >>

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