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Come learn Parkour at GRIT!

The GRIT Parkour system is designed to teach athletes how to improve their mobility and agility while building strength and stamina.  It is the perfect complement to any sport helping to train gross and fine motor skills while building GRIT,  mental toughness and stamina. ​

The system is for youth, teens & adults and consists of three levels and eight bands as athletes learn the skills and progressions necessary to test up to the next level.  


Our gym is modular so each week the layout is different to create fun and challenging ways to test an athlete's skills as they progress and learn more difficult tricks. 


Come train with us and find out why Parkour will be a new Olympic Sport in the Paris at the 2024 Summer Olympic Games.

Youth Parkour

Winter Session 

 Dec 5th - Mar 13th (14 Weeks) 


Future Freerunners / Ninja Warriors 


Grades: K-2,  3 - 6 yrs 

Location: GRIT Sports Training

Price: $425/ 14 classes

An introduction to Parkour/Freerunning/ Ninja Warrior training for your budding athlete. This program builds confidence and independence, focusing on improving fundamental gross and fine motor skills. 

Each class starts with a warm-up,  core skill drills, obstacle course, and games. Your child will love this class.

Thursdays @ 3:30pm 

Saturdays @ 10:00am

Youth Beginner Parkour

Grades: 3-5,  7-11 yrs 

Location: GRIT Sports Training

Price: $425 / 14 classes

An introduction to Parkour/Freerunning for your budding athlete.  Learn the fundamentals of Parkour with our trained and experienced coaches who break down each movement into a set of progressions.    Starting as a White Band, your future athlete will improve their overall cordination and agility as they progress through learning parkour skills including vaults, precision jumps and more. 

Each class starts with a warm up,  core skill drills, obstacle course and games.  

Thursdays @ 4:30pm


Fridays @ 4:30pm

Saturdays  @  11:00am

Parkour Levels 1 & 2 

Grades: 4-10th, 9 -16 yrs

Location: GRIT Sports Training

Price: $425 / 14 classes

After you master the basic movements, train to become a black band following GRIT's Parkour Training System - 3 levels and 8 banks to become a true "Black Band" expert fluent in all bars, flips, and tricks. 

Training is broken down into fundamentals first and then key progressions to master key tricks needed to advance through the GRIT Parkour system.  

Tuesdays @ 5:30pm


Thursdays @ 5:30pm

Youth Parkour Competition Team (Invitation Only)

Grades:  Comp Teams grouped by Age/Skill 

Location: GRIT Sports Training

Price: $425 / 14 classes

GRIT's Youth Parkour Competition Team is an invitation-only program, with a training schedule that spans 2-5 times per week.   GRIT is part of the East Coast Parkour Championship League which pits individual and Parkour gym teams in a range of Parkour events in the Tri-State area.    The 2022 Season will begin in March and run through the Spring.  

Interested in joining our team,  call/text to learn more.  Tryouts are held each Friday at 5:30 pm. 

Colton Jumping.jpg

Adult Parkour

Beginner & Level 1 Parkour

Ages: 16 & Up

Location: GRIT Sports Training

Price: $425/ 14 classes 

Beginning with the mastery of basic movements, train with us and progress through GRIT's Parkour Training Program - 3 levels and 8 bands, to become a true "Black Band" expert fluent in all bars, flips, and tricks. 

Tuesdays @ 7:30pm


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Coach Colton in Action 

Speed Vault Tutorial