We are committed to operating our 2022 ADVENTURE SUMMER CAMP for you and your family. However, during this time of uncertainty, we would like to provide you with the flexibility when enrolling in camp for 2022. You can enroll safely knowing that if the COVID-19 pandemic causes things to change, we've got you covered with our worry-free guarantee.


If GRIT cancels Summer Camp 2022, in whole or in part due to Covid-19, you will receive full credit for impacted sessions.  Credit can be used for any camp, program, or activity at GRIT.  

Refund Policy If You Cancel:
If you enroll in camp and your plans change, or you have concerns about your child attending camp this summer, you can receive a credit for camp tuition to your account as follows:

Cancel On Or Before May 2, 2022:
Full cancellations by May 2, 2022, and receive full credit for all tuition paid less processing fees. 

Cancel After May 2, 2022:
Cancel after May 2, 2022, and receive a credit for tuition paid for unused weeks, less processing fees for credit card purchases, and  $150 cancelation fee per week.


Cancel after May 2, 2022, but two weeks prior to your scheduled camp week and receive full credit for tuition paid for unused weeks, less processing fees for credit card purchases, and a $200 cancelation fee per week. Credit can be used towards any GRIT program but must be used before 12/31/22. 



Credits from Summer Camp tuition can be used for any GRIT program, camp, or activity but must be used before 12/31/22.


If your child tests positive for Covid-19 and is required to quarantine, you will receive a credit for any unused camp days less credit card processing fees (if applicable).  If your child tests positive you are required to show proof of a positive test result (PCR required) and a note from your doctor stating your child has covid in order to receive a credit for days missed.  Credits for missing camp due to Covid are treated like all other credits and must be used before 12/31/22.   A negative test and no fever or symptoms are required to return to camp. 


Customers who wish to change camp programs or camp weeks will be accommodated prior to May 2, 2022, provided there is space available.  After May 2, 2022, the same protocol will apply however a $45 fee will be assessed for each change of date.   Please note that weeks and days purchased are different.  If you purchased a week of camp that cannot be split up into separate days as our day rate is different from our weekly price.   If you wish to change from weekly to daily there is a price difference.   However, If you add additional dates to your summer camp plans at GRIT the $45 change fee will be waived if requested at the same time (e.g. please change this week and add these dates) and you will receive a discount on the price difference from a weekly to the daily rate if you choose that option. 


Participants who do not attend their registered session (for any reason, including illness or vacation) and who do not contact GRIT to cancel or change their weeks (per the policy above)  before camp sessions begin will not receive a refund or credit.  Canceling dates at the last minute  (less than 2 days prior to camp or during a scheduled camp day/week) will not be provided a makeup or credit.


Any change of dates for illness must be accompanied by a doctor's note stating the time and date of the doctor's visit and a note from the doctor stating the child should not attend camp. 


Caught Covid?  A positive Covid test must be sent with the notification (or shortly thereafter).   We also require a note from your doctor stating your child has covid.  Once received we will be happy to reschedule your camp dates and do require a negative test before returning to camp.  Credits for camp missed due to COVID must be used prior to the end of the calendar year. 


After what we have all been through, we understand you might have more questions.   


Below are list of frequently asked questions about our Camp as well as the COVID-19 Safety Policy we will be implementing.   And yes, all of our staff are fully vaccinated! 


Please feel free to reach out to us:

Email:  info@thegritacademy.com

Call/ text:  201-596-6626


We look forward to hearing from you. 



GRIT is all about trying new things and recognizing you might fail... at first.  It takes perseverance and GRIT to get good at something.  Thats why we challenge kids to try their best and not to let the little things stop them.  

We build athletes by building their GRIT.

Once they come to GRIT they learn to NEVER GIVE UP!