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Get in the best shape of your life.

Start your 2024 New Years Resolutions today!   


Learn About Upcoming Races & Group Challenges

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Your first priority should be you!  Building GRIT is about building habits.  Be your best!  Join our “Race Team’ and give yourself a goal to work towards, be it a 5K, Hyrox Competition or Obstacle Course Race (OCR).


Based in downtown Paulus Hook/ Liberty Harbour, our Community will help you focus and keep you on track to completing the promise you make to yourself.  Get to know others in your community!   Join our GRIT RUN Club, set your own personal goals or go Beast Mode and join our “Race Team”. If you're looking for a wellness community, then GRIT is the place to get ready for a great 2024!


A one-of-a-kind, circuit-style, group fitness experience that will get you in shape! New and innovative workouts each week that get you ready for the beach, vacation, or an upcoming race.  Every GRIT FIT class combines total body strength training that will build muscle strength and endurance.   


Training With a Purpose

Our goal is to create a community of people with a passion for fitness, community, competition, and a healthy lifestyle. Our programs are designed to challenge you with attainable goals and help you build healthy lifestyle habits.

Hit the Turf, Expand your Endurance, and Get Stronger with GRIT FIT

Mud Race


HYROX is the fitness race for everybody! Four different race formats covering every fitness level. The race has no time limits and no qualification is required to participate.  Race on your own or join a team!  Races are held in cities around the world!

5K Races

5K Races are a great start on your fitness journey.   Come build your endurance with GRIT as we gear you up for your race and beyond! 


Have do a Marathon on your bucket list? Get started by training for a Half-Marathon?  GRIT FIT will help you reach your goals with a strength and endurance training program that will help you clock your best time ever. 

Obstacle Courses

Obstacle Course Racing is designed to test your  physical strength, mental grit, and aptitude for camaraderie.   If you havent done one, then your missing out on something special!  To complete it you will need teammates and a training program to get you ready... thats where GRIT comes in.  

How We Train

Are You Ready?

Start Training Today


GRIT FIT Training

GRIT FIT Training

Classes run Monday/ Wednesday and Friday @ 7AM and 8AM and Saturdays @ 8AM. 


Show up and take a free trial class. Kick the tires and see if you can make it more than once!


OR... commit today and get a whole month of training for only $49*   


Want to set a goal? We will help you choose a challenge and get started on your 2024 Fitness Journey!  

HYROX MIAMI - Feb 24th 2024

Are you ready to experience fitness racing like never before? The World Series of Fitness Racing will be taking over Florida on February 24th 2024!

Whether you are a seasoned athlete aiming for a personal best or a newcomer eager to take on a new challenge, HYROX Miami race is the perfect opportunity.

Mark your calendar and get ready to make history with us. Don’t miss the chance to be among the first to conquer HYROX Miami!


TOUGH MUDDER Philly- May 18th 2024

Join the GRIT Mud Pigs as for a day of 20 obstacles over 10 miles of mud and fun.  This is not a race. Its an experience.   10k+ racers and an entire race village to boot.  You have to do this just once and you will be hooked!

JERSEY CITY MARATHON-  April 14th 2024

Join us as we race the streets of JC  for the 2nd Annual Jersey City Marathon & Half Marathon!  13.1 or 26.2 miles of flat, fast, and smooth JC love!

JC VALENTINE DAY 5K & 10K - Feb 11th 2024

A new event in Lincoln Park!   Join us as we get ready for Spring Racing  and support a worthy cause - Sustainable JC!   The GRIT team will get you ready on your fitness journey! 

Upcoming Events

Group Races & Challenges




GRIT FIT is circuit training that will get you stronger as you train for your next HYROX, 5K,  Half Marathon,  Tough Mudder,  City Challenge,  and more!  


We help you Train with Purpose to give you a fitness goal and the community to help you achieve that challenge.

What are you waiting for? Unleash your Beast Mode and get in the best shape of your life!  

Choose a challenge and LETS go!

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