Distance Learning

Academic Partners 

GRIT SPORTS TRAINING believes strongly that Academics and Athletics go hand in hand in building character and GRIT! We are proud to offer academic programs that focus on ensuring the future success of our athletes.   


"A Better Life Through Better Education"

Why JEI?

JEI believes that all children have unlimited learning potential. JEI's scientific, effective educational system provides an individualized learning program based on needs and ability.

JEI Learning offers programs in Math, English, Reading & Writing, Problem Solving Math, and Critical Thinking.  JEI takes a comprehensive, scientific approach to assess a student’s abilities in Math and English.   


For each grade level,  JEI provides a unique and comprehensive diagnostic test. ​The assessment analyzes and pinpoints areas of mastery and weakness to build an individualized learning program, tailored to each student’s needs and abilities. 


From this diagnostic test, each student will receive a detailed report, the Individual Progress Prescription Report (IPPR). The IPPR provides an accurate computer analysis showing the student's strengths and areas where improvement is most needed


For PreK to 8th Grade

Atlas Debate (1).png

Atlas Debate is an NJ-based company founded by two college students who were the #1 and  # 3 top-ranked debaters in the US.   They have taught over 500+ students in the past three years with some of the best instructors in the US. 

Each program offers an 8:1 student teaching ratio, extensive individual attention and a curriculum developed based upon student experience.  

We are excited to help bring Debate to students across Hudson County and are offering to Learn to Debate!  both in person at the JEI Learning Center and online starting in January 2022.